Key Take-outs from iStack Training: Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live

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With the increased number of online businesses trying to get consumers’ attention, the competition in the eCommerce market has never been stronger. If you are one of the lucky owners of an eCommerce business or have customers whom you wish to help take their business to the next level, you know it better than anyone. Learning how to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook ads and other digital campaigns is very important.

This is exactly why we at sureyield decided to attend Facebook and Ecommerce Mastery Live that took place last week in Barcelona. Learning from the best doesn’t have a price and we are happy to have had the opportunity to do so. In case you did not have a chance to attend, here’s our recap of the event:

What this event was about

This event, it’s probably even better to call it a workshop, was a two-day training program for affiliates, agencies, ecommerce entrepreneurs and their teams who got a chance to learn from the best experts in the industry about most current and effective methods of testing, scaling, and optimizing Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, YouTube, Snapchat and much more.

Target Audience

This event was aimed to people who are passionate about their business and who want to take it to the next level. It was for people who are not afraid to try something new and do not shy from innovative methods of doing marketing. It was for people who understand the value of the right investments and who are not afraid to spend money to gain more money. It was for people who dream big and who strive to do more and better. We believe the organizers did a great job of creating just the right mix of people, thus making this workshop a very open, innovative and friendly place to be and to learn.

Key Speakers

There were a lot of speakers on this event, one more valuable than the other. We could take the easy way and just copy their names from the iStack website or we could tell you who made the biggest impact on us. These were: Ezra Firestone, Jordan Menard, Tim Burd, Chris Erthel and Alex Brown.

Our Take-outs

It is impossible to document everything we learned during these intense and information-packed two days. Here are the main take-outs from our favorite speakers:

1.     Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone is one of the most charismatic and knowledgeable speakers when it comes to efficient media buying. His speech was quite detailed, telling us how to structure ads so that they bring the most traction (really detailed, including what to put into header and text body), but also straight to the point.

The highlight of his speech was the hot seat. The principle of the hot seat is that a random person from the audience could get a chance to present their company’s challenges to the speaker and get real on-the-spot advice on how to solve them. An absolute hit and lets you see the described principles in action!

2.     Tim Burd

Tim Burd is a Facebook ad guru and shared his newest method on how to optimize your Facebook Ad spend. He called it the SLIDER method. In short, this is a method where you create ad sets with different manual bids (e.g. from 0.5xCPA to 2xCPA). These manual bids are then then slid around depending on their performance with the aim to find the perfect combination of ad set and bid.

3.     Alex Brown

Alex Brown shared a very interesting method on how to select a winning product to be sold in your ecommerce shop without going through trial and error and losing money in the process. In short, the method aims to remove random product selection and introduces a much more structured approach to this affair.

  1. First, create an evaluation strategy and a questionnaire with the set criteria (depending on which KPIs one needs to achieve)
  2. Then, create a very basic acquisition funnel (e.g. an offer page and a landing page) and allocate a small media spend budget. See how a given product performs. If it performs well and meets the set KPIs, go to the next step.
  3. Create a more complex acquisition funnel and allocate a higher media spend budget. If the product still performs well, do another round of testing with an even more complex acquisition funnel and a higher media spend. Monitor your KPIs. If you’re happy with the result, put this product on the market.

Simple but brilliant!


All in all, the event was a hit! Lots of valuable insights from the best in the industry and many important questions answered. This, without a doubt, was one of the top learning events we attended and every Euro spent on it was worth the while.

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