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If you are in any way connected to the affiliate world, you have definitely heard about the Affiliate Summit East – a major event for affiliates, publishers, agencies, networks and for anyone involved with performance marketing, held every year in New York. New York is a vibrant city and has a whole lot to offer, so having a good plan is key to make the most of your trip. This is why we at sureyield decided to do all the hard work and researched everything you need to know when planning your trip to this event. Make sure to download our interactive map at the end of this article and take it with you to easily find all the great places we recommend.

The conference

Affiliate Summit East 2019

After starting in 2003, Affiliate Summit East grew from a small gathering of early adopters to a renowned and highly respected conference series that welcomes seasoned professionals in the affiliate marketing business from all over the world.

What: Affiliate Summit East

Where: New York Marriott Marquis, 1535 Broadway, New York, New York 10036 USA

When: 11-13 August

What to expect?

The affiliate marketing industry is fully focused on people and connections and going to a large event like this where meeting your next affiliate superstar is as real as it can get is definitely a wise choice. Whether it’s hours of great content, an important handshake, a great tip or simply meeting the industry’s best and getting a chance to chat with them – there’s value for absolutely everyone! What’s more, we are going to be at the event as well, make sure to come by our booth and say hi.

If you’re still not sold on this conference, go ahead and check out their website and read about what the conference has to offer from their words:

  • The much-loved Pinnacle Awards, previously presented at ASW, will now make its debut at Affiliate Summit East – inclusive of an awards ceremony during lunch on Day 3.
  • An agenda crafted by our S. Advisory Board made up of significant stakeholders in the U.S. affiliate marketing industry – packed with engaging presentations, panels, seminars, roundtables, and AM Days workshops
  • New and improved Exhibit Hall featuring on floor seminars, and drop in clinics.
  • The Affiliate Summit Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, and RevShare Roundup packed with affiliates, merchants, vendors, networks, technology providers, digital agencies, and traffic sources
  • Get ready for even more networking opportunities in a variety of formats including Pilates and running clubs and networking brunches.


Every year ASE brings together the crème de la crème of the industry experts who will share their experience and wisdom with all who are willing to listen and learn. This year ASE invited almost 70 speakers who will cover an array of valuable industry topics. And this is only one of the reasons why you should consider attending this event.


The second top reason why you want to attend this conference is networking. The potential it provides is huge and can change this event from being just another event to a serious money-making affair.

This is where pre-planning makes all the difference. Most major players have a way to pre-book a meeting with them online and we strongly recommend you use this opportunity to your advantage.

There is also an Affiliate Summit Networking App that was built to help you do just that – pre-book your meetings in advance. Useful tip: Book your calendar first before others book theirs!

This app is usually released a couple of weeks before the event – make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Meet Market

The Meet Market is an absolute highlight of the conference for everyone, especially the exhibitors. Here you will find booths and intriguing displays from all the companies and will have a chance to run into plenty of fellow affiliates and advertisers browsing the event. This is your opportunity to meet people – use it!

The venue

This year’s conference will again take place in New York Marriott Marquis, right in the heart of Manhattan. Just like for any other conference, it is wise to book a room in the hotel where the event is held, and this event is not an exception.

Organizers reserved a block of rooms – find more information here – act fast and you might still get a chance to get a room there. If not, head to our selected accommodation section and you will get some alternatives.

Places to hold meetings nearby

If the venue area isn’t enough, is too loud or you simply want to take your new business acquaintances for a separate meeting, consider these places below:

  1. Blue Fin – just 2 min walk from the venue, seafood lovers will appreciate how simple yet sophisticated this restaurant is. A great place to go out for lunch or dinner right next to the hotel.
  2. Hunt and Fish Club – another gem right in the venue’s vicinity is this exquisite restaurant. Perfect if you want to woo a client or just have a nice moment with colleagues or prospects. A bit pricier than most but is totally worth a visit.
  3. Bourbon Street Bar and Grille is a perfect spot for lunch with colleagues or new business acquaintances. What’s more, it’s just a 5 min walk from the venue.
  4. Osteria al Doge is a great meeting place if you want good food, attentive service and a place quiet enough to have a conversation yet located close to the hotel.
  5. Le Pain Quotidien is a Belgian bakery serving simple, wholesome and seasonal foods like organic coffee, pastries, eggs, tartines, soups, salads, and desserts. If a quick bite with a colleague is what you’re after, this is a perfect spot and is just a 10 min walk from the hotel.

Conference roundup 

The Affiliate Summit events held in the US, mainly ASE in New York and the ASW in Las Vegas, are the best conferences to smell the affiliate marketing trends in North America and to establish business relationships with key players who operate in these specific markets. Needless to say, that North America is a huge market!  

This is why we at sureyield based in Berlin, Germany, decided to create a US team in sunny California made out of seasoned professionals coming from the local affiliate marketing industry. Don´t miss the opportunity to meet our reps at the next ASE! 

Preparing for your trip

“By failing to prepare you’re preparing to fail”, Benjamin Franklin.

That said, preparing for your trip is key if you want to have a relaxed time during the event instead of having to run to and fro in search of hotels, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. To help you achieve that, we at sureyield did all the research and packed this article with information on what you need to be able to get into ‘New York state of mind’ and do it without stress.

Useful travel planning apps

There’s an app for everything these days and travel planning is not an exception. Below are our favorite travel planning apps:

  • Hopper (flight planning) – Find the best flight prices and monitor them as they rise/drop to get the best price possible. No more refreshing pages, use the app!
  • Hotel Tonight (hotel reservations) – Book a room in just a few clicks, last-minute bookings are welcome. There’s a distinction between Solid, Hip, Luxe and Basic. Daily price drops are a nice bonus.
  • Open Table (restaurant booking) – Get the best table in town with just a few clicks. Avoid the waits and focus on business.
  • Google trips (general trip planning) – General travel advice and recommendations submitted by Google users. Not your main travel app but a great addition to other apps.


If you are coming to New York from outside the United States, you might need a visa to enter the country. The best way to find out whether you need one is to check on the US Embassy website in your country or visit US State Department’s visa information website.

Packing Tips

When you travel for a conference, packing wisely is important to a – avoid extra stress with tons of luggage in the airport and b – have everything you need to not waste time shopping for things you missed. Below are our tips that go beyond the bare essentials, like appropriate clothing and a laptop, and that many people tend to forget when packing for a business trip:

  • Extra pens to carry with you
  • Books to get signed by high-profile speakers
  • Business cards (a lot of them!)
  • An extra charger/power bank (for backup, but also for the same reason as the power strip – see below)
  • Chapstick and hand cream (conference halls are usually air-conditioned and there’s a high chance you will end up with chapped or even cracked lips and dry skin on your hands)
  • Mints
  • Snacks for the conference floor
  • A light sweater (even in summer, conference centers are often chilly)

Expert tip: Bring a power strip. It doesn’t take much suitcase space but will make you extremely popular. Instead of blocking an outlet with your laptop and phone, you make it easy for people to come up, use your strip, and start a conversation. Perfect networking opportunity.

A little secret: We will have the power strip! 😊

Hotels and Accommodation

If you are not staying at the Marriott Marquis, we highly recommend you stay in the area – at least during those days when ASE occurs. Getting around New York is not difficult and rather straightforward (we will discuss it in a moment) but takes time. Don’t waste that precious conference time commuting!

We personally recommend Kimpton Muse Hotel – the rooms are comfortable; the gym is equipped with everything necessary for a quick workout and their massage and facials are a godsend after a long day at the conference. Our team will be here this year, so hit us up if you’re in the area.

If you have a chance to explore the city for a few days after the conference, which we highly recommend, AirBnB is a great way to get affordable accommodation and explore the city like a local. The Hotel Tonight app can also be very handy, offering last-minute deals if you decide to change your plans on the go.

Currency and Cost

New York City is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but this is mainly due to high rent. For all the rest, prices are above average but if you spend wisely you will not necessarily break the bank on a short visit.

To give you an idea, here are some of the average prices in Manhattan (in 2019):

  • Basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in a business district – $17
  • 1 liter (1 qt) of whole fat milk – $1.10
  • Dozen eggs: $4.65
  • 500g (16 oz) of local cheese – $8
  • Bread for 2 people for 1 day – $2.59
  • Can of coffee: $6.14
  • Average rent: $3,783
  • Price of a home: $1.36 million
  • Trip to the beauty parlor: $68
  • The currency is the infamous U.S. Dollar. Find current rates:


Tipping is common and is expected in New York, just like everywhere else in America. If you don’t tip, expect mad stares and bad service.

Tipping less than 15% – even if the service was poor – can cause frustration. You are not obliged to do it, and no one can stop you, but know that servers’ wages in New York are very low and your expression of gratitude makes up for this gap.

That said, average tips are between 18-20%. Check your bill for “automatic gratuity” as it means that the tip has already been added to your bill and you are no longer required to add a tip (you can still do it if you feel your service was exceptionally good).

Getting around

One of the best advice we can give you is to bring comfortable walking shoes. The subway doesn’t go everywhere and sometimes cabs neither, so there’s a high chance you will end up walking a fair share.

If you choose walking as your primary means of transport, you will most certainly run into Central Park. It is very easy to get lost in Central Park, but we’ve got just the trick for you – look at the old black street lamps. They all have a number plate on the base and the first two numbers indicate the street you’re at. E.g. 7120 means you’re on the 71st street.

New York is a city that has so much to offer that you will definitely want to wander around. To make the best of it, consider the following means of transport:

The subway

The subway is the main public transportation system in New York. It is one of the oldest and largest public transportation systems in the world (in terms of number of stations). With some 5.7 million riders on a given weekday, it is one of the primary modes of transportation for the majority of New Yorkers and tourists.

The subway system is almost a subculture of its own and can be seen as a tourist attraction in itself. Most of New Yorkers use it daily and got so accustomed to it that they can’t imagine their life without it. But at the same time, the subways is despised by many, especially in the summer months when heat adds an almost palpable layer of sweaty frustration.

Taxi / Uber

Uber and yellow cabs compete for their market share in New York just like they do in any other city. If you’re curious which one is cheaper the answer is that in most cases taxis are cheaper before tip and Uber is cheaper after tip. They are, however, very much comparable so it’s really up to you and your personal preference on which one to use.

Citi Bike

To our humble opinion, getting around by bike is the best way to discover the city if you’re up for it – you can cover a much larger area compared to walking, yet you can stop at any moment and spend time in your spot of interest.

This is why Citi bank sponsors a number of blue bikes all around the city, which you can rent. Check out Citi Bike NYC for full details and go for it! Just like in any other city, use caution and common sense when riding a bike.

Secret tip: if you decide to stay in the same hotel we are staying in, you can rent a bike for free during your stay!

Health and safety

Despite its 20 million population and the impression you might have gotten from numerous films and TV series, New York maintains its title of one of the safest big cities in the United States.

It is safe to go out alone in most neighborhoods, even after dark. Do use common sense when going out alone, just like you would in any other city, and avoid dark narrow alleys and abandoned places and you should be fine.

What sets New York apart is that the police is very present. Should you need emergency assistance, 911 is THE number! Beware: calling 911 without an emergency can result in fines or even jail time, so don’t call it to test your phone!

Other useful numbers are:

  • NYC government agencies and general questions about the city: 311 or 212-new-york (639-9675)
  • Directory assistance: 411

New York, New York

Start spreadin’ the news, I’m leavin’ today

I want to be part of it

New York, New York

These vagabond shoes, are longing to stray 

Right through the very heart of it 

New York, New York 

Frank Sinatra

If it wasn’t obvious till now – we at sureyield are in love with New York and Frank Sinatra just seconds what we love doing most – straying right through the heart of it! This city is so vibrant and full of live – there’s something for absolutely everyone. If you have a chance to take a few days to explore New York after the conference, the best way to do it is to explore it like a local. Here’s how.

Explore New York like a Local

Take the subway

The subway is a tourist attraction in itself and is used by millions of locals every day. The first thing to do if you want to experience NYC like a local – take the subway.

Skip Starbucks

It’s true that there’s a Starbucks on literally every corner and you might be tempted to get your favorite drink there – don’t do it! Head to one of the many small coffee shops for your morning latte and thank us later.

Go to brunch

New Yorkers love brunch and when we say ‘love’, we mean ‘truly, deeply, with all their heart love’ brunch. There are tons of adorable brunch locations across town. They’re not the big-name restaurants that tourists flock to but small and intimate hole in the wall places that transmit that New York vibe like no one else.

Go to local galleries

NYC is full of big and famous art museums and they’re all worth going to at least once. But New York also has a thriving gallery scene with hundreds of smaller art galleries that feature both established and up and coming artists in smaller and cozier gallery settings.  So, if you want to see the NYC art scene but don’t want to spend your day queuing to the MET or the Guggenheim, check out local galleries.

Hang Out in the Parks

New York has amazing parks! Central Park is, of course, the most famous (and stunning!) but Bryant Park, Union Square Park and Washington Square Park are all wonderful in their own right and locals love to hang out there while reading the paper and sipping their coffee. There’s always something going on in the parks – just sit down with your favorite drink and just take it all in! You’re sure to see things you won’t see anywhere other than New York!

Have Lunch in the Turnstyle Underground Market

Do you want to find that secret spot that has delicious food and an awesome local vibe?  The Underground Market is located down in the subway at 8th Avenue and 57th Street.  It’s full of ethnic street food stalls, all sorts of dessert stalls, and quirky shops where you can buy everything from stationary to fresh flowers. Have lunch in its food halls and just take in the vibe.

What not to spend your time on

Empire State Building

As sad as it sounds but the Empire State Building is long past its prime and is purely a touristy sellout now. What’s more, when you’re in it – you can’t really see it. Head to the Top of the Rock instead for a better view, shorter lines and an overall more enjoyable experience.

Madison Avenue

Sadly, its days as the advertising capital of the world are long gone and only a few true ad agencies remain here.

Times Square

The famous center of Manhattan is absolutely worth a look but it’s overcrowded, overpriced and hated by locals. Take a stroll through but avoid making plans there.


Built on years of diverse immigrants’ history, the New York Food scene is as rich and colorful as its inhabitants. There is hardly anything you cannot find in New York when it comes to eating out. Below is the selection of our top 5 favorite eateries – bon appetit!

Lombardi’s Pizza. Pizza has a special place in the heart of any true New Yorker and Lombardi’s Pizzeria is just the right place if you’re craving pizza or just some solid Italian food! If torn about what to order, try Grandma’s meatballs, a must-try that won’t disappoint.

La Grenouille. There are plenty of good French restaurants in New York to choose from but this one truly stands out. Found in Manhattan, this restaurant has served all the U.S. Presidents since Kennedy (according to Vanity Fair), except for one. Hopefully George W. Bush has tried it now that his schedule has freed up a bit. The ambiance in this restaurant is exceptional and it will make visitors feel hip while chowing down on some of the city’s finest French dining.

The Grand Central Oyster Bar. Oysters may not be for everyone but if you are a fan – this local hotspot will not disappoint. It’s situated in Grand Central Station where it has presumably resided since 1913. The food is grand, also offering a selection of wines that pair perfectly with fish and seafood, and the environment serves as a unique dining experience in itself. Some say that the chef goes to the fish market every morning to pick the best seafood himself. It’s that kind of personal touch that makes Grand Central Oyster Bar a unique place absolutely worth your visit.

Peter Luger Steak House. New York is one of those cities where there are quite a few steak houses, however finding a good one is an art. Peter Luger comes highly rated among locals and outsiders alike. It’s been around since 1887 and means that it’s stood the test of time. The restaurant feels like an old ale house and the portions are enormous. Those with big appetites for meat and beer won’t walk away disappointed and might need to slightly loosen their belts.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Located in the heart of New York’s Chinatown, Nom Wah Tea Parlour is a must for any Dim Sum lover. The restaurant has a plethora of signature Chinese dishes, both vegetarian and not and will not disappoint even the pickiest palate. Nom Wah Tea Parlor might not look like much, but it has been around since 1920 and has been the New Yorkers’ favorite spot since.

New York Nightlife – What to do after dark

New York City has a thriving nightlife scene, with a full spectrum of activities that range from funky poetry readings at coffee shops to fancy Manhattan clubs. It largely depends on what you’re interested in, but the city has definitely no shortage of engaging events and activities to partake in.

Instead of giving you a list of bars and night clubs to go to, we decided to go a different route and give you some ideas on what other things you might want to do in New York at night.

See the New York Skyline

New York skyline is unique, and we highly recommend you reserve some time to see it. Whether you take it in from a rooftop, boat tour, bus tour, dinner cruise, top of a skyscraper or someone’s apartment… you MUST see the New York skyline twinkle, sparkle and wink right at you.

Some of the top ways to see the NYC Skyline:

NYC Bus Night Tour

A bus night tour is a fabulous way to end your day and allows you to easily see the NYC twinkling lights. And who doesn’t like to sit on top of the double-decker bus?!

For information and tickets check here.

NYC Dinner Cruises on the Harbor

A dinner harbor cruise is an excellent way to combine an exquisite dinner and sightseeing. Most of the cruises depart at 7 pm and run for about 3 hours.

The price for these doesn’t differ too much ($100-$150 pp) and it depends on your preferences: family friendly, dress code, menu and music type. All the dinner cruises are high quality and these are listed from the most elegant to the most casual one.

A little bit of culture

You did not experience New York like a local until you have experienced the beating heart of its Arts & Culture scene: Lincoln Center – home to the New York Philharmonic, Metropolitan Opera, NYC Ballet, Julliard School, Broadway and so much more. See what NYC’s (always amazing) classic cultural scene has to offer while you are here.

To find out more, check here.

New York Comedy Clubs

Comedy clubs are a cornerstone of the NYC nightlife scene – almost all the great comics either got their start here, or at least perform regularly. Rodney Dangerfield, Amy Poehler, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Amy Schumer, Tina Fey and Louis C.K. are some of the comedy superstars who call New York home.

Almost every comedy club requires a reservation, has an admission fee and/or 2 drink minimum. Are they still worth it? Absolutely, especially those who rarely announce their shows in advance… that’s when you know the big names and comedy superstars may just make a surprise appearance…

  • Comedy Cellar– this dark, tiny and cramped East Village institution consistently hosts top names in comedy and often invites surprise guests, like Louis C.K. and Aziz Ansari. You might also want to check out the Olive Tree Café upstairs, that is surprisingly quiet and has chalkboards for tables and silent films playing on walls.
  • Greenwich Village Comedy Club– down the block from the Comedy Cellar, and sister club to Broadway Comedy and New York Comedy, this small, basement space underneath an Indian Restaurant, hosts regulars from Saturday Night Live. Don’t miss this one!
  • Stand Up NY– this classic Upper West Side spot has hosted Robin Williams, Chris Rock, Jon Stewart and Jerry Seinfeld. Shall we say more?
  • Broadway Comedy Club– this is one of the larger comedy clubs, located in Midtown West (right off Times Square) and often attracts talent who have been on known shows like America’s Got Talent, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Last Comic Standing.

Interesting facts about New York

Hopefully we managed to get you into a that New York state of mind Billy Joel was so passionately singing about and saved some interesting facts about New York for dessert.

The first European settlers in NYC were Dutch

Until 1898, the city was known as New Amsterdam. Its name changed when the city was gifted to the Duke of York on his 18th birthday. He decided to rename the city to New York, which has stuck around ever since.

The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was not built in New York? It was actually a gift from the People of France to the People of the United States back in 1886. This iconic statue is visited by millions of people each year and has become a symbol of New York since.

Times Square is named after the New York Times

Before the New York Times moved to Times Square, this place was known as Longacre Square. It was then renamed to Times Square.

New York is home to the first underground park

The success of the Highline gave rise to the new project and park called the Lowline. This is the first underground park in the world, and it’s located on Manhattan’s West Side. The project is not yet completed, and the current opening date is set to 2021.

There are 380 000 millionaires in the city

In addition to that, NYC is also home to the most billionaires in the world. Not bad, right?

Our favorite 5 fun facts about the New York City

  1. The ice cream cone, pasta primavera and eggs Benedict were all invented in New York City
  2. Albert Einstein’s brain and eyeballs are kept in a safe box in the city
  3. New Yorkers bite 10 times more people than sharks do worldwide each year
  4. There are more women than men in NYC
  5. New York City homeowners can request that a tree gets planted outside their homes for free

We hope you have a blast in New York and can’t wait to see you there!


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