Here is a list of some of the best Affiliate Community Groups with the mission to support your growth and knowledge. If you haven’t heard of them or know what they do, here is a short guide that will help you to take your affiliate business to the NEXT LEVEL
So enjoy the read and get inspired!

Do You Even Blog

Do You Even Blog is a site that teaches you how to build impactful and profitable blogs​ from scratch. Founder Pete McPherson shares our belief that the internet is a fantastic way to reach people, teach people, and build business!

Through a huge number of videos, courses, and programs they can help you to start your own blog, site or podcast, and produce content that engages people and makes you money. You will learn how to drive more traffic as well as to convert each visitor into a loyal fan. And the best – most content is FREE to use.

Do You Even Blog also send out an exciting newsletter with REALLY interesting content – so watch out and benefit from this great community!


This advanced affiliate marketing forum will teach you on how to find profitable campaigns to launch and scale – and give you amazing support and advice from the community’s members.

I AM AFFILIATE provides its members with the latest money-making affiliate marketing tutorials, case studies, and tips for Facebook, Google, PUSH, Native and Mobile traffic.

The forum also provides detailed case-studies in which you can learn how the biggest campaigns generated over a million dollars in pure profit.

Sounds interesting? Well, we can heartily recommend joining this AMAZING group to learn and discover new things every day!

STM Forum

Most of you will probably know this one already – the STM Blog and Forum – one of our ALL-TIME FAVOURITES! It is well-known as the first Premium Affiliate Marketing community in the world and provides lots of educational content as well as the chance to learn, network and grow with the biggest names in the affiliate marketing industry.

As part of STM Forum you get access to lots of really interesting case studies, tutorials and video training from expert moderators and thousands of affiliates. You will also be granted exclusive access to tools, offers, landing pages and industry reports.
If you haven’t done that yet you should definitely check STM Forum out and discover lots of exciting content!

Affiliate Business Club

The Affiliate Business Club is a global social network of affiliate marketers who exchange their knowledge and support each other to drive their business forward. You can join this network for FREE and become part of a global community of affiliate marketers.

The Affiliate Business Club also organizes lots of international events to help their members and the wider affiliate world! During the pandemic, ABC has set up amazing virtual events, with hours of free content and presentations by industry experts.

Affiliate World Conferences

The Affiliate World Conferences are being called the meeting place for the world’s top affiliate marketers and ecommerce entrepreneurs – for good reason!

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the next upcoming event – the Affiliate World Europe 2020 – has been postponed. However, AW provides REALLY EXCITING online content such as new video series interviewing past and future speakers of Affiliate World. They also curate video masterclass playlists for you to learn specific skills in the field of affiliate and eCommerce marketing.

Click Bid

Click Bid Conferences is an organization that hosts meetups, conferences, parties, masterminds, retreats, and forums to give you an opportunity to learn, discover and network, and become part of a great community of industry experts.

We hope you enjoyed the read and got inspired to join one of these amazing communities!




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