Verticals To Focus On When Coming Out Of The Lockdown

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The Covid-19 pandemic has devastated economies around the world and disrupted life in ways that were unimaginable just a few months ago. However, as things slowly re-open and we look for the ‘New Normal’, industries are beginning to return and people will start going out again. So, just for you, we prepared a list of verticals to focus on when people are COMING OUT OF THE LOCKDOWN.


Sport Channel Subscriptions

Due to the severe quarantine restrictions, the intense rise in demand in home entertainment has been a common phenomenon in the past few months.
Now that the English Premier League and many other national leagues are restarting, there will probably be an especially high interest in Sport Channel Subscriptions and VOD. While supporters cannot be at the games, many people are looking forward to watching their favorite team play again on screen.

So, watch out for any Sport Channel Subscriptions coming along – they are likely to convert REALLY WELL these days!

Sports Betting

Correlating with the restart of the Premier League and other sports across the globe, you can expect to see STRONG performance in Sports Booking campaigns in many countries that permit online betting.

People still spend most of their time at home and are certainly craving this kind of entertainment!




Home Improvement & Gardening

After months of not being able to get those home-related projects done, we are now seeing an increase in the demand for companies who provide Home Services.
Whether it is painting the walls, fixing the roof, building a patio or decorating the garden – for most homeowners home improvement projects are a GREAT way to spend their time these days.
Hence there is probably NO BETTER TIME to invest in some DIY Home Improvement offers! 

Local Travelling

One of the most affected verticals during this crisis is the travel and tourism industry. The outbreak of the pandemic has brought it to a near-standstill. But as the situation calms down, experts predict that people will soon start travelling again – however this includes some new trends:

  • People rather stay at private rental properties instead of hotels and resorts. 
  • They will increasingly book their trips through a travel advisor and include travel insurance. 
  • Many travelers will be driving rather than flying. So, the market for rental cars is seeing a real bump. 
  • People are still favoring domestic destinations not too far from home, to avoid airports and air travel.

So let’s support this movement and lead people towards more physical activity!


Even though there are lots of people worried about their finances, there still is a SIGNIFICANT number of residents who like to donate more money to charity in times of the coronavirus. According to the results of a research carried out by the Charities Aid Foundation, these people especially like to donate to local organizations rather than international ones.
Thus watch out for donation offers – these could be a very interesting vertical to focus on!

Gym Membership

Fitness studios, sports centres and swimming pools were forced to close with the outbreak of the coronavirus.
As a consequence people discovered alternative ways of working out. However, as states and countries start to reopen, there will be a craving for people to go back to the gym and make use of swimming pools.
So let’s support this movement and lead people back to the gym!



Hair & Beauty

You’ve seen the updates across social media of unkempt hair and long, overgrown beards. The re-openings of hairdressers and barbers mean that these places of work will be looking to take online bookings. There are also more and more beauty salons and spas opening to give people the opportunity to pamper and treat themselves after months in lockdown.
So be prepared for people seeking for beauty and wellness treatments in the near future!


We hope you enjoyed the read!




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