Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing Approach and Achieve Freedom and Constant Income

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Standing still means dropping back. It is crucial to diversify your affiliate marketing approach to achieve real freedom and consistent income.

In the affiliate marketing ecosystem, publishers are true heroes. Publishers constantly update and optimize the content that will attract customers. They perfect their UX and find best converting ad placements, to name a few. And all that hard work needs to pay off. Literally. If the recent COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything it’s the need to diversify and be flexible. Counting on a single vertical can quickly backfire, e.g., travel industry ad spending declined 41% YoYThe best affiliates have used the past year to expand their remit and learn new industries, to be able to maintain and increase their revenues. Standing still means dropping back. Ihas been crucial to diversify your affiliate marketing approach to achieve real freedom and consistent income. 

How to Diversify Your Affiliate Marketing Approach 


By 2020, the affiliate marketing industry will reach $8.2b in the US alone, according to Statista. That means more offers, more verticals, and more possibilities for profit. Most of the affiliates should aim to diversify their portfolio and expand their horizons. Here are some tips on how to achieve this goal: 

Diversify your affiliate activities 

Affiliates come in different shapes and sizes. Running a blog, F2P app, comparison or a coupon website, search or social. Each type of promotion requires a different skill set. The opportunity of the past year will have driven affiliates to take the time to add to their skill sets. This opens up new verticals, traffic types and eventually broadens your ability to achieve greater success and profitability. Set up a Facebook account, sign up for a Native platform and dedicate a budget to testing. Educating yourselves about a new traffic platform can be a steep learning curve, but that tough climb will pay off in the end. 

Stay ahead of the curve – always be learning and asking 

Read, read, read and ask, ask, ask! Use your network account manager, join social media affiliate groups and soak up new knowledge. The affiliate community is generally welcoming, and your account managers should be very happy to help when you ask for their advice. They should be a fountain of knowledge and want to help you to increase your reach. It benefits everyone in the end! Use you allocated test budgets to get data, optimise and rework your content or targeting until you find a winning combination. Learn about the audience – digging into user data can give every publisher a clear picture of what interest their users have. Finding a cross-section between your and user interests will produce the best results when you’re trying to diversify your affiliate marketing approach. By building out your portfolio, you are building out your diversity and the strength of your business!  

Find a network with a wide range of advertisers 

You did it. You’ve managed to expand to your known limits, you have built a loyal and engaged audience and a foolproof strategy. Congrats! There is only one thing missing. Find a streamlined place with a wide selection of advertisers that will compliment your new versatility. Most networks specialize in specific verticals or platforms. Partnering with those will cause disperse web of points of contact that will take up time and energy. Consider partnering with global networks that: 

  • unite advertisers from all verticals and 
  • cover all platforms: web, mobile web and in-app. 

Sureyield is one of those rare gems that offers publishers a unified one-stop-shop platform. One point of contact will ease your efforts when finding the right offers and streamline your technical efforts. This way you will be able to invest more time in adding and peeling your content that delights your audience and scales your business. 

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