Five Best Affiliate Marketing Podcasts Episodes to Boost Your First Half of 2021

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We've picked out five specific episodes we consider the best affiliate marketing podcasts. Give it a listen.

One of the reasons we love online marketing is the constant and rapid change happening in the industry. Since affiliate marketing is a major force in driving online conversions, any stakeholder needs to stay ahead of the curve. Investing time reading news, blogs, and the latest reports will help your business growNowadays, podcasts are a fantastic supplement to your mix of updates. They are fun, conversational, and easy to listen to while you are preparing breakfast, working out, or sipping your morning coffee. We’ve picked out five specific episodes we consider the best affiliate marketing podcasts. They gave us useful tipsupdates, and inspiration in the starting months of 2021. 

How to Write Affiliate Reviews That Convert with Kevin Meng 

Expert advice on writing affiliate content can be too abstract. Search engines always emphasize the impact quality of content has on your conversions and campaign successWhat that means often remains a mystery SEO and content writers want to understand. Practical findings covered in this podcast are not limited to reviews but can be applied to all content writing stylesThe guests “no fluff” attitude is refreshing – as is the clear and direct advice given for affiliate content writers. 

Have a listen @Authority Hacker. 

What if You Hate Parts of Your Business? 

This one is a little different, but still highly relevant beyond just affiliate marketing. Y You might need advice on making the most of a small team or how to handle when a vital team member gets sick. Do you need to address the lack of motivation for a part of your job you dislike? The good news is you are not alone. If you are experiencing these types of issues, stop procrastinating and take 20 minutes to give this podcast a listen. 

Have a listen @Matt McWilliams. 

Snapchat Surprises and Alternative Social Media Platforms Challenging the Giants 

Keeping up with social network trends is essential for every marketer. Noone, even Snapchat, expected the growth they eventually reported in 2020. With the rise of TikTok, Snapchat adapted fast and stayed competitive with their target group – Gen Z. But the market is hugely competitive. Check which platforms have the biggest chances in competing with a range of social network leaders. 

Have a listen @eMarketer. 

Snapchat adapted fast and stayed competitive with their target group - Gen Z.

Google Passages: How SEOs & Content Creators Can Thrive w/ Passage-Based Ranking 

If you are not familiar with the concept, here is a quick summary of Google’s new passage-based ranking The search engine can now find a piece of content on a long page and link directly to that piece. In short, you can rank a certain passage of your page in SERPs, not only a full page. Give this informative pod episode a listen to understand the ramifications on overall rankings and the future of content writing. 

Have a listen @Marketing O’Clock. 

What We FLoC About When We FLoC About Google 

You might need an extra cup of coffee for this one. Current privacy changes are sweeping Europe and the US. The rest of the world will follow and change in the way digital marketing works is inevitable. Besides the latest FLoC fuss, the outcomes of Google’s Privacy Sandbox will have major implications for the whole ad tech industry and how the web works. 

Have a listen @AdExchanger. 

We hope you enjolistening to our picks for the best affiliate marketing podcasts. If you want to recommend a podcast episode you have liked send us a link!