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Credit Card Submits – or CC Submit offers – are known for having the highest payouts. Interested in mastering this niche? Read on!

To play – a game, sport, music – is one of the most common human characteristics that transcends age, gender, or culture. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that sweepstakes are one of the oldest and most lucrative verticals in affiliate marketing. Like games, sweepstakes come in different shapes and sizes. Their common denominator is the concept of gamification. Users sign up for a contest to win a prize by submitting a piece of personal information. The latest study showed more than 60% of adults respond positively towards sweepstakes and would choose to participate. When it comes to affiliates there is a simple logic behind it: the more significant the personal data required to enter, the higher the payout. As a result, Credit Card Submits – or CC Submit offers – are known for having the highest payouts. Interested? Let us dig deeper. 

What are CC Submit Sweepstake Offers? 

To take a step back, we can classify the sweepstakes vertical into 2 major categories – Email/Single Page Submits and Credit Card Submits. In the former, users are prompted to submit only their email address (and maybe their name and date of birth). For conversion to count, advertisers can request either single opt-in (conversion occurs with one page of information) or double opt-in (the user must confirm the email they used before the conversion registers) verification.  

On the other hand, CC Submits require users to input their credit card details. Advertisers can again choose what kind of conversion event they want: free trial or immediate payment. In a free trial, a user does not get charged immediately. Users normally get to try out a service for 3 days or a week before they get charged (if they do not cancel the subscription beforehand). Often the trial is not ‘free’ – the user would be charged typically $1/€1 or $3/€3 for the first stated trial period.  This step gives the advertiser the security of knowing the credit card is real and functionalOf course, requiring credit card details to be added also has a significant impact on conversion rates. The Email/One-Page Submit is simple and easy conversion, but the CC Submit by its nature is harder, but that is why the payouts are so much higher!  

Sweepstakes Disaggregation: CC Submit and Email Submit

Besides higher payouts, what makes this niche so attractive is the geographic coverage and the enormous potential that brings for scaling up campaigns. Email & One Page Submits tend to focus on individual countries, but many CC Submit campaigns allow one tracking link to cover a vast number of geos. Committing funds to testing to find those winners means your ability to scale up and earn massive rewards is extremely enticing 

Quick Guide to Succeed in CC Submit Niche 

Running CC Submit sweepstakes can be simple. Start by choosing a traffic source, pick high-converting sweepstakes (ask your affiliate manager to provide you with this information), and begin testing. You should always experiment with different approaches and make continuous improvements based on your data to find which strategies work best for you. Still, here is a couple of universal pointers you should pay attention to when running CC Submits. 

Find the Right Balance in the Complexity of Your Marketing Funnel 

The funnel you create should be short and simpleto avoid losing any users on the way. Of course, it should not be too simple as you will risk sending bad traffic to the advertiser. 

Always keep in mind, your marketing funnel should have the same look and feel. 

Creatives Need to Be Straightforward 

The eyes are always on the prize when it comes to the sweepstakes vertical. Don’t get carried away with the design – keep it simple and straightforward. Again, your affiliate manager and network should be able to provide advice and examples to help you.  

That doesn’t mean slack on the creatives! Be guided by seasonality (e.g., decorate the prize during holiday months) and conduct A/B tests no matter how small the difference may be. 

Consider Using Pre-Landers 

While some offers could run well with a direct link to the advertiser’s landing page, our experiences tell us that a good pre-landing page yourself makes a dramatic difference when running CC Submit offers. Conduct research to understand why customers would want to have the reward and reflect their goals in your messaging. The pre-lander should consist of an intriguing headline, high-quality product photo, compelling product description, positive reviews, and a form with a clear and convincing call to action.  

The ONLY aim of your pre-lander should be to convince the user who arrives there to convert. Excite them, tell them why they need this product! You want them to leave your and go straight to the advertiser’s page and sign up. You can build pre-landers with multiple products, but we would advise not to cram too much on one page – maybe a pre-lander comparing the iPhone 12 and the S21 would be interesting. Think outside of the box.  

Find the Right Offers 

You need to consider what types of offers are going to work for you. Where do you buy your traffic? Ask the platforms what works for their traffic. Ask affiliate groups on social media for advice and ask your managers at the networks you use. Once you have your research done, pick the product and geos you are going to focus on – there will be many options, so be truly clear before you start what your aims are. The most convenient and safe way to find the best offers is through a global and well-connected network such as sureyield. 

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