Dating Offers: How to Find Your Perfect Match

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A lot of people looking to re-connect with the world and find that special person. That means dating CPA offers will boost your affiliate growth. Learn how to master the vertical with our guide.

Against many expectations, 2020 left the dating vertical relatively unscathed. Like life, human connection always finds a way. And now, as some countries start to emerge from continuous lockdowns, online dating is starting to really grow again – there is a new rush to find love in the New Normal! 2021 revenue in the online dating segment is expected to reach $3,241m, and the number of active users will increase by 16% globally. So, this is a great time to be building your affiliate portfolio and growing your revenues with dating CPA offers As we emerge into the world, there are a lot of people looking to re-connect with the world and find that special person.   

Navigate Yourself Among Different Dating CPA Offer Types 

One thing is very clear if you want to work in the dating vertical, you can. The options are almost endless, and geographical reach is global. In addition, with most dating campaigns, you will have a lot of options for the traffic types you can use.  

So, let’s break it down. There are two larger categories within online dating, which will have major implications for the type of traffic you can buy. 

  • Offers that fall into the mainstream category are ones that typically come to mind when you think of online dating sites. Users are looking to find a deep and long-lasting relationship. In terms of traffic sources, there are multiple options depending on the brand.  
  • Outside of these mainstream brands, are the adult/ casual dating CPA offers. These are, by definition, targeting people who are looking for no-strings-attached fun, not a life partner. These cover hook-up websites through to adult webcam sites/apps. Since they are the naughtiest offers, affiliates will find more restrictions on where they can buy traffic, because of the more ‘adult’ type of creative and messaging. The effort will pay off though, as this category is considered one of the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing. 

There are many other opportunities in this huge vertical, of course. There are so many smaller niches, the potential to generate revenues is huge. While the most widespread and popular apps/ websites are the ones that welcome all users, many decide to cater to a narrower audience. There are dating sites/ apps for specific age group, educational level, ethnicity, religious beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, and so on. There was even one that aimed to connect Kanye West fans. A dating website/ app can always correspond to the segment of users, no matter how niche it is. 

What is the best way to find these offers? Joining a network such as sureyield can immediately connect you to various affiliate programs. 

Promote Dating CPA Offers With Success: Do You Have What It Takes? 

Dating offers are a fantastic opportunity for affiliates who value flexibility. As we’ve mentioned, affiliates will find a match in every traffic source and audience type. Research and testing multiple campaign types and traffic sources will massively benefit your business in the long run.  

How you will build your conversion funnel will be largely dependent on the pay-out model.  

Types of Payout Models in the Dating Vertical 

There are several conversion flows that affiliates can choose from: 

  • Single Opt-In (SOI) – User needs to submit their email and some basic details and that’s enough for the conversion to count. 
  • Double Opt-In (DOI) – Consider it SOI with an additional step. User needs to verify their email address by clicking on a verification link sent to their inbox.  
  • Revenue Share (RevShare) – Affiliates get paid a certain percentage from every member they acquire. Acquisition in this instance means converting a user to a paying member. Since most dating sites/ apps run on a monthly subscription, affiliates receive their fair share for as long as this user sticks around. 
  • Pay Per Sale (PPS) – When affiliates acquire a paying user through PPS, they receive a one-time flat rate for every successful conversion. 

Top Tips for Affiliates Working in the Dating Vertical

  • Focus on creatives. Dating is – more than anything – a visual vertical. Communicate the right message. For instance: when promoting dating for dog lovers, the creative could depict a happy couple walking their pet. When using photos of people, you might be tempted to go for supermodels. We would advise you against that. Regular, next-door looking faces and body types work best. They seem approachable, whereas supermodels are intimidating. Remember, quality and quantity count! Create eye-catching and original creatives and continue crafting them. Fast turnover of creatives is essential in this vertical considering your competitors will be stealing the best performers. 
  • Start with Tier 3 countries. If you are just starting in the dating vertical, you need to know two facts. It is very profitable, and it is extremely competitive. Our team always advise beginners to gain experience in developing geos, where pay-outs and competition are not as fierce. Get acquainted with the game and slowly move on towards Tier 1. 
  • Perfect your landing page. Landing pages are necessary if you would like to convert a user running dating CPA offers. Make them fun and interactive. You could, for example, create a brief survey to convince them this site/ app is the one they are looking for. Create a split test. Implementing regular, small design changes to your landing page will keep it fresh and appealing. 
  • Follow the trends. Online dating is in full bloom, which means you will need to follow the trends to stay updated on what is performing well. From the dating apps booma surge in video dating and changes in user motives, you do not want to be left behind. 
  • Maintain high lead quality. In performance marketing, there is always a chance you will be sending bad traffic to the advertiser. In order not to get kicked out of the offer, make sure you are checking your dating leads frequently. 

Optimization Practices in Dating Offers Deserve a Special Attention 

Optimization is the secret sauce affiliates do not normally share. Learning by doing, each must find its optimization methods. The aim is to reduce the cost of conversion, increase the volume of the leads, and improve the quality of those leads. When promoting dating offers, this is where you should start: 

  • Create split tests for your offers. Create an assumption (e.g., adult offers will work on push traffic in the US) and test it out. Pick a traffic source, geo, and test two or three different offers on it. Follow your test performance to confirm or refute your hypothesis. 
  • Continue testing traffic sources as well. Finding that sweet spot, where your offer matches the traffic type, does not guarantee steady performance. If you want to achieve real scale, invest your profits, and test new sources. Nothing is off-limits in the dating vertical. Facebook is the hardest one – you will need to pay special attention to their guidelines. 
  • Optimize by niche segments. Segment your campaigns into different niches (e.g., hook up, video, relationship) and adjust your conversion funnel accordingly. Each segment should have a different creative, message, call to action, and so on. But you need to keep it consistent throughout the customer journey. Measure your KPIs (key performances indicators) and cut the ones that do not convert well and focus on the top performers. 
  • Test different offers. Not all offers are made equal, and you are bound to fail with some. That should not discourage you from trying to breakthrough in the dating vertical. Every beginner should join a network. Through them, you will have more offers at hand; access to exclusives will speed up your testing phase. 

Find the Perfect Affiliate Network for Dating CPA Offers 

A network that will not limit you with a narrow offer selection, while supporting you with an account manager at hand is your perfect match. Our offers are global and extensive, you will find countless niches within the adult and mainstream category. We will consult you on what matches your traffic and offer our expert insights. Because we work with the biggest global brands in the online dating industry, you are guaranteed to attract plenty of users looking for love. 


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